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Ever considered a bike tour in Cambodia? Cambodia is an exciting and diverse country best known for its collection of amazing temple ruins in Angkor, followed by its French-influenced capital city, Phnom Penh. However as a country so rich in history and culture, it has a lot to offer even beyond these destinations. Tours off the beaten track through the peaceful countryside to smaller towns and deserted beaches can really reveal Cambodia's ancient beauty. Whether you are looking for an adventure, some relaxation, or to learn about its history, Cambodia is sure not to disappoint. Check out our Cambodia Guide for more on cycling in Cambodia.


Cambodia classic tour followed by our philosophy to take tourists to see REAL Cambodia. As we have been running successfully our cycling trips to take tourists to see the countryside, the people and their culture, the wonderful smile of the children. Most of the routes we use are now possible to travel by van (normally the cycling tour has a supported van). So why not take the tourists to see the REAL Cambodia where the other tour companies do not go.

This is our second objective for non cyclist tourists to be able to see REAL Cambodia. One of the best part of the tour, we do not travel on the main road which is boring. We take the tourists to travel on countryside roads, interesting scenery through the villages, the countryside, along the river. It will be a good combination of the tour as tourists can learn alot during their trip in Cambodia, to make it one of the best experiences and memorable once in a life time. We have another philosophy, as a local company, tourists should be charged a reasonable price. Therefore, please contact us for quotation or tailor the itinerary to suit you for the Cambodia trip wich is value for money.

Cambodia Trip / Tour Overview:

Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders, has alot to offer for Classic Travels and Tours from the busting Phnom Penh capital to the Southern Coast of Kep, Kampot and Sihanouk Ville. Ta Keo is the less visited town bordered with Vietnam. But it has a lot of history related to the past pre-Angkor period. It was also home to former Khmer Rouge General Commander known as Ta Mok.

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